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"Going Under!"

Anonymous said: well, according to the past interview Amy did... she isn't really planning on doing anything with Evanescence. :'( What do u think about it?

I think it’s sad, but at the same time super exciting that she’s starting to create music all her own. TOMORROW IS AFTERMATH!!!


Evanescence ABC Performances

The Other Side @ Halloween Concert, NYC, 2011

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Rolling Stone: Amy Lee on Artistic Independence, the Future of Evanescence

With the birth of her first child and a new album, Amy Lee begins the next chapter of her life. Read more!

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Making music for War Story was a truly liberating creative experience. We were being guided by an artist (director, Mark Jackson), who was not only open to, but encouraged us to think outside the box and go with our inspirations. It was really cool and different to have a mission for a scene— to be guided by what feelings we needed to evoke to illustrate the characters and situations. Sometimes we would end up with things that were very different from the original vision, and sometimes that would inspire Mark and he would fall in love with the left turn. We also ended up spinning off into creative tangents and getting extra music that didn’t end up in the film and that’s a big part of why we really wanted to make this album. There was so much extra music that we really loved and felt deserved to be finished out and shared. This body of work is a collection of our favorite songs and instrumental score pieces that we’re created over the last year while working on War Story.

– Amy Lee

Amy Lee — Aftermath Teaser II 

Anonymous said: can we still enter the contest to get signed lyrics?

As far as I know! They didn’t post a deadline on the original post and I haven’t seen a winner posted yet. :)

Amy Lee and Jack Lion :)


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